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You’re convinced – Data Science is in ascendancy and you need to harness that power to grow your business…But how?

A small business may not have had the resources previously to employ data science tools. A larger business may have a team of data scientists but they’re all busy developing sellable product. DataXploits is a resource that can be applied to specific use cases that benefit your business, economically and without committing dedicated staff.

Data Science Analysis Services

DataXploits brings the tools that shed light into the inner recesses of your accumulated data and bring out the story. Our focus on visual output provides an accessible model useful to all your internal consumers, enabling data-driven decisions.

Client Satisfaction - Data mining client feedback that resides in your CRM or trouble-ticket system, leads to clues that guide internal efforts to knock down barriers your clients encounter. Indicators of Client Sat can be lost across departments. Aggregating from all internal interaction sources highlights system discontinuities, allowing you to prioritize features for a smoother client experience.

Data Analysis

Demand forecasting - Resource planning is a competitive advantage. Whether for stocking levels or capacity to serve upcoming demand, identifying trends guides your operational plan and helps ensure you are prepared for the future.

Product recommendations - Boost that cart (virtual or in-store) with complementary product pairing. Cluster analysis, using your customer ordering history, can improve your promotion of add-on products.

Client Profitability - Moving from focusing on top line Revenue from a client/segment to measuring bottom line benefit is a valuable shift. In-depth analysis of Cost-to-Serve or Cost-to-Acquire clients, teases out granular detail to help you evaluate strategic pricing decisions.

Competitive pricing analysis - Select target sites to search for products that you carry and we report market pricing. Maximize sales by being well-informed on competitive pricing.

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Data Analytics

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