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Free Custom Report - Sorry, Offer Expired

Welcome to your free introductory Media Mentions Report! This is a limited offer available to twenty business requestors per month (research is required for each custom report).

How it works: Provide the details needed to generate your report and email it to you with the form below. The data gathering may take 2-3 days; after this your report will be emailed containing:

• Summary information of Media Mentions for your business, including:

• Chart of the sources of your media mentions, showing which has highest penetration…and which offers opportunities for increasing your visibility.
• Word Cloud that brings out the themes of what is being said in the marketplace
• Hash-tagged terms (#yourcompanyname) and posters (@brandadvocate)

• Details on each media mention, including:

• Date, Source
• Title and text of the article/comment
• Link taking you to the article or social media posting. You can respond directly to customers (or others) who have posted about your business online. Your response is shown to be a significant factor in increasing engagement and positive impression with customers.