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Social Listening –
What Can It Do For Your Business?

Feedback from the Marketplace

Customers often only say Like/Don’t like with their next purchase decision - with you or the competition.  Social Listening gives you a fast feedback loop providing insight that you likely would never hear.  

Success stories, strengths/weaknesses of your offering, suggestions to improve – all in a report delivered to your inbox.

Decision-making is on-target and accelerated when you tap directly into the voice of the market

Measure Marketing Success

Social Listening lets you measure media mentions created by your campaign(s) and engagement generated, shown through shares, re-posts, hashtags and re-tweets. 

DataXploits gathers feedback on your promotions, making it easy for you to gauge the impact & design your upcoming campaigns!

Boost ROI through effective measurement of customer engagement created by your social media campaigns.

Click to View Sample Report Social listening data sources Blogs (Huffington Post, TechCrunch, etc.)
News Sites (WSJ, CBS, New York Times, etc)
Forums and Message Boards

How DataXploits Social Listening Service works:

Select a few keywords that you want to monitor; your Company Name of course, Brand or Product names, hashtags you are promoting…even Competitor names. We scrape the web for matches from social media sources as well as monitoring many news sites, blogs and industry journals.

The data is compiled into summary charts – frequency of keyword appearance and media source, accompanied by details on each mention: text, source, sentiment and clickable links so you can join the conversation.  A convenient report is delivered to your inbox on a schedule that you choose.

Our complementary data analysis services can further extend the consumer insights, helping fine-tune your offering.

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This powerful tool for discovering customer sentiment and measuring marketing impact, delivered to your Inbox, is available by subscription.  Plans range from $49.99 per month to $79.99, based on the frequency of the reports that you select.  Hit the subscribe button, select the report frequency you prefer and your first report will be arriving in a few days.

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